Odessa is widely known for numerous beautiful legends and unique stories, for humor and talented Odessans, Privoz market and beaches, courtyards and Jewish talks, jokes and anecdotes, Opera House and Potemkin stairs. This is a city, where every summer tourists and immigrants from every part of Ukraine and every corner of world get together to get warm, while laying in the sun on the beaches of Black, but at the same time really clear sea. The city, to which you wish to return, wherever you are.
From the first day of founding, Odesa is an international city. Besides Ukrainian and Russian, much of Odesa population presented by Balkan and West Europe nations. It`s possible to find confirmation of this in names of districts and streets: Moldavanka, French and Italian boulevard, Greek street, Bulgarian and Poland streets.
Discover it for yourself – the city, where noisy market connect with magnificent boulevard, where people answer on question with question, where people enjoy making jokes and always take everything  philosophically with a sense of irony.
Take a walk on narrow streets, smell the sea and blooming acacias, enjoy dense chestnuts – observe and absorb everything, what called Odesa. You will enjoy it!