Gorbatyi bridge, which was built in 1890, named Baronovskyi at the beginning. It was made on behalf of the Baron Ungern-Shternberg, which carried out the building of railway connection between Odessa and Balta.
Bridge received the name “Gorbatyi” (humpbacked) because of the character shape of semi elliptic metal power structures.
There are rails on this bridge. But there were no tram ever; those rails were laid to provide rigidity. Telling the truth, some citizens of Odessa asserting that personally went on a tram across the bridge, but it’s impossible to find evidences of an existence of this tram route in any documents.
They also say that at the beginning of the last century Utochkin has passed on a bike on a supporting arches. It is easy to believe.
General plan of Odessa provides the demolition of the bridge. Information about this appeared in 2008. another bridge will take it’s role and function. Although this bridge was built long ago, but did not officially open to car traffic underneath, and Gorbatyi used as before. It is hoped that no one would endure this important landmark of Odessa ever.