The bridge is named after the Novorossian Governor-General from 1862 to 1874 erected in 1889-1890 (according to other sources, 1890-1892) years. Garrisom was an engineer of this bridge. Anyway, on a plate on the bridge Set 1891 Architect – Landesman.
Named in honor of the governor-general and commander of the Odessa District P.Kotsebu.
This metal bridge was manufactured in France and assembled in Odessa. Like the Stroganov and Novikov bridges, it’s located above the Karantinnaya Quarantine beam, above the Devolanovskiy descent.
At the iron gate in the middle of the bridge remained cast in iron old coat of arms of Odessa – the same as on the stairs near the Opera House, but still with a Maltese cross Emperor Paul I.
Currently, the bridge is in disrepair. Emergency facilities recognized in 2007-2008
February 24, 2015 held a meeting of the City Council on the bridge repair. According to the decision of the bridge was temporarily closed due to an emergency condition.