Sabaneiv bridge over the Voenna beam was built in 1829-1836 by the military engineer Kazarinov under the project of engineer Apton. Architects Boffo and Torichelli. Reconstruction of the bridge were held in 1866 and the 1980s.
On the proposal of the Governor-General Vorontsov bridge got its name in honor of the famous military leader, hero of the Italian and Swiss campaigns of Suvorov, General of Infantry and one of the first Odessa bibliophiles I.V.Sabaneev (1770-1825 (1829?)). Odessa Public Library has presented many of his books.
From the bridge we can overlook the sea and another bridge – Tioschin. Outdoor the Sabaneiv Bridge located the House of Scientists. On the opposite side of the bridge adjacent the musical school named Stolarskyi and Katerynynska Square.