Pedestrian (but intended for vehicular traffic initially) bridge connects Primorsky Boulevard and Zhvanetskyi Boulevard. On the one hand located the Vorontsov Palace, on the other – Shah palace. It was erected over the descent of Joan Labourbe (before the revolution and now – Voenniy descent) in 1968 by the architect Vladimirska and engineer Kiriyenko. Was planned to build it for the 50th anniversary of the revolution, but in fact it happened later. The bridge was designed and built by order of M. Sinitsa who was the first secretary of the regional party committee in Odessa. This is bridge long (130 m), high (30 m) and a narrow bridge in Odessa.
There is a popular legend about how the bridge got its present name. It is said that the mentioned above Sinitsa very much loved the pancakes of his mother-in-law, but they lived on different avenues and it was a circuitous to walk route over the bridge Sabaneiv. And that is why Sinitsa gave an idea of building of expensive pedestrian bridge, which almost did not have no communication value for the city.
Other playful legend says that this bridge was named after the man thrown down, which was suffered becase their mothers-in-law. But joking aside, there is information that a high fence on the bridge appeared a few years after it was built, supposedly after the suicides. We do not have an annual progression of suicides on the bridge Tioschin in Soviet times, but such cases surely were in the XXI century.
Another story connected with the fearure of the bridge. By virtue of its design, it is sensitively swinging in the wind. If you just stop and listen, you can feel that the fabric of the bridge “walks” underfoot. And if you jump in sync together with someone, no less than the three people, it is impossible not to feel the vibrations.
In recent years there has been intensified and fashion lovers hang padlocks on the railing of the bridge, symbolizing the constancy of the relationships. Periodically they have to be cut because they increase the load on the bridge. Some time ago, especially for the love padlocks was installed a special construction designed as a heart in front of bridge. But young people continue to “decorate” the bridge.
Curiously that the bridge is a miniature copy of the Bridge of Grand Duchess Charlotte in Luxembourg, which was built in 1965.