How to cross the border, according to the new customs regulations of Ukraine 2019
The new customs regulations of Ukraine have been established and operate from January 1, 2019. What you can import and export from the country, how much currency you can take with you, the rules for importing currency, goods, food, medicines, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, items of historical and artistic value – find all the answers in this article .
The new customs regulations of Ukraine 2019 are the same for all types of entry into the country: by plane, train, car, bus, ship.
When people go through customs control at a border checkpoint, people themselves choose either green or red corridor.
The “red” corridor requires mandatory customs control, verification of documents, as well as filling out a customs declaration and payment of customs duties. It is obligatory for those passengers who in their luggage have items that are not included or exceed the list of the “green” corridor, as well as whose luggage contains:
-weapons, dangerous medicines, explosive and radioactive materials;
-information vehicles;
-musical instruments;
-antique works of art;
– representatives of flora and fauna, animals (with an international veterinarian certificate);
– precious metals and gems.
The “green” corridor implies the passage of passengers without declaring and paying customs duties. In this case, the passenger is allowed to carry in baggage:
-personal belongings;
-cash equivalent up to €10 000;
-products up to the value of EUR 200;
-goods of total weight less than 50 kg and of total invoice value of less than €1000.
-up to 5 packages of medicines;
-alcohol (hard liquors up to 1 liter, wine up to 2 liters, beer up to 5 liters);
-tobacco products (up to 1 block of cigarettes or up to 250 grams of tobacco).
List of items that can be determined as personal belongings:
-clothes, shoes, underwear;
– personal care and cosmetics;
– parfums, 100 ml, eau de toilette, 500 ml;
– precious jewelry with signs of personal using;
– two watches;
– devices: two laptops, two mobile phones, 3 usb-devices, 1 camera, 1 video camera, 1 portable sound reproducing system, 1 e-reader device, 1 portable TV set,1 typewriter; 2 portable music instruments;
-1 item of special equipment:wheelchair for every person with special needs crossing the border, baby carriage, bicycle, binocular,monocle, sports equipment for a particular sport.
When you transfer goods across the Ukrainian border, it is important to keep checks that confirm their value. If there is no check, the customs officers calculate the good value according to the internal regulations.
Carriage of goods of total invoice value less than € 1000 allowed without a declaration. Carriage of goods of total invoice value from € 1000 to € 10,000 allowed with a mandatory written declaration and payment of 10 percent of the value of the good + value-added tax. The duty on goods worth more than € 10,000 will be charged according to customs tariff rate + value-added tax.
The new customs duties on the import of goods 2019 take into account the frequency of trips abroad and the residence time outside Ukraine in order to prevent speculative schemes of cross-border trade. You can bring in to the country:
– up to 1000 euros, the maximum weight of baggage when flying by plane is determined by the airline.
-up to 500 euros and up to 50 kg, if a passenger crosses the border by any transport, except airplane, is absent in Ukraine for more than 24 hours, but has made an entry within the previous 72 hours.
-up to 50 euros and up to 50 kg if a passenger left Ukraine for less than 24 hours and has already made an entry within the last 72 hours.
One person is allowed the carriage of goods of total invoice value less than € 200 without duties. One package weighing up to 2 kg of each kind of goods is allowed. The carriage of the number of products has additional restrictions. The import of goods for resale requires a quality certificate.
You can import to the country:
● products in the manufacturer’s packaging (for example: tea, coffee, chocolate, spaghetti, olive oil, etc.) – 1 package or a total weight of up to 2 kg of each item;
● products without packaging (for example: fruits, vegetables, meat, lard, cheeses, etc.) – up to 2 kg of each item;
● products without packaging, ready to eat (for example: smoked chicken, sausage, home preservation, etc.) – in the amount of 1 piece of each item.
Prohibited import to Ukraine:
– narcotic drugs, radioactive materials;
– products containing propaganda of war, racism, race discrimination or genocide and pornography;
– the cold weapon, firearm, gas weapon (pepper sprays) without permission of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.