Market “Starokonnyi” is a marketplace located at Rozkydailivska street in Odesa.
Starokonny market hosts an amazing weekly zoo and flee market, where you can find birds, kittens and anything second-hand that your heart desires.
Starokonnyi Market – the center of Moldavanka (part of city), the old market of old Odessa, where people sell the animals, all for fishing, as well as on weekends few blocks around people bring all thing from homes and sell it on the streets with the land. They sell everything: from underpants to guns. Come before 14:00.
It’s like a grungy old-school uncle of all European flea markets .
The history of the old horse market begins in the first half XIX century. Some researchers believe that it is the oldest market in Odessa, while others have a different opinion.
The rapid growth of Odessa led to the specialization of markets. And during the reign of Vorontsov matures the need to create an independent market, aimed at the cattle trade.
In 1832, the city authorities decided to establish a cattle market that is directly relevant to the current Starokonnyi market. In the summer of 1833 the decision was implemented, and this date can be regarded as the date of creation of Starokonyi market. But before that title is far and is referred to as a cattle market bazaar.
Hundreds of animals and people needed something to feed – there was market provisions and forage began to be built nearby land and after a short time of the bazaar was occupied residential houses. Commercial cattle became difficult, and at the turn of 1840-1850’s market shifted to another area of the New Konna square, and a few years later, in the mid-1850s, with the same bestial bazaar strengthened name familiar to all of us – Starokonnyi market.
Starokonnyi market today – is a complex of modern buildings and pavilions, stalls and other places of commerce with a wide range of goods and services. In 2003, the restructuring of the market was held, during which due to the demolition of dilapidated buildings nearby Starokonnyi market extended its territory, restoring the land and restored in a sense of historical justice. The market is still selling animals – fish, rabbits, dogs and cats, birds. All the same there is a flea market and indestructible, appearing at the weekend in the nearby neighborhoods, where you can buy everything, except that you need at the moment.