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The Holocaust Museum was established in accordance with the decision of the Odessa Council regional association of Jews-former prisoners of ghettos and Nazi concentration camps and is open June 22, 2009.  

The main task of the Museum is to collect, preserve and convey to future generations the story of this unprecedented tragedy; to preserve the memory of those who suffered; and educate a new generation of young people who will be able to CONFRONT FASCISM in the twenty-first century.  

In accordance with the main task and objectives of the basic concept of the Holocaust Museum is the formation of funds:  

-The origin of fascism;

-The beginning of the great patriotic war;

-Defence of Odessa;

-Occupation of Odessa;

-Formation Of Transnistria;

-Camps and ghettos of Transnistria;

-Jewish resistance in the occupied territories of Transnistria;

-Places of mass executions of Jews to Transnistria;

-The black book of remembrance in the camps and ghettos of Transnistria;

-Exemption of Odessa and prisoners of Transnistria;

-The righteous among the Nations;

-Nuremberg tribunal;

-The Bucharest process;

-Documents, memoirs, personal belongings of former prisoners of Transnistria;

-Prisoners of Transnistria on the fronts of the great patriotic war.