Lanzheronovsky Descent 2/Polsky Descent 4  | +38(048)729-38-57

The Museum F. P. De Volan of Odessa port was founded on 10 April 1990. He settled in one of the oldest buildings on the Langeron descent, in which before the revolution was Barzani – house for the homeless port movers. The main purpose of this Museum was educational activities and organization of the exposition, which introduces the visitors to the past and present of the port of Odessa, inextricably linked with the history of Odessa.

The exposition of the Museum:

At the moment the exposition of the Museum consists of 5 halls with a total area of 490 square meters. The Museum exposition is fully reveals the multifaceted activities of the port. Here you can see the rare archaeological finds, maps, antique prints depicting everyday life and culture of the people who inhabited the Northern black sea area in antiquity and in later periods, about the multifaceted history of the region, about foundation of the city and its development. You will be able to see an unique map-chart, that shows as territory joining to the Odessa bay in those distant times looked.

You will be able to see the unique map – diagram that shows how Odessa Gulf looked in those days. Kuyalnik and Hadzhybeyskyy estuaries then were freely communicating with the sea and served as harbours to the ancient Greeks. Over time, they were sprinkled with sand, and place of deployment of the Turkish ships were selected where now is a modern port.


Bol’shaya Arnautskaya Street 47, of. 2 | +38(048)715-58-58

One of six museums in the world dedicated to the arts of the Rerikh family is located in our city. Reproductions of the Rerikh father and son, originals of the works of the student and the followers of Rerikh make up the basis of this museum’s collection (the original works of Nikolay Rerikh are placed in Odessa’s Arts Museum on Sophievskaya street). 

The memorial estate organizes regular exhibitions of modern Ukrainian and Russian artists, working in realistic and esoteric styles. The activity of the memorial estate is similar to the activity of a cultural center. 

Often concerts, book presentations, lectures on history, culture, esotericism and conferences dedicated to the Rerikh arts, and learning the “Live ethics” take place here. Due its large quantity of educational and cultural programs, it’s better for those who want to visit the Memorial estate to call beforehand and make sure that the museum and the exhibition hall are open for visitors.

Utesov Street 11 |  was opened September 2, 2015

In the house where passed juvenility of the famous inhabitant of Odessa Leonid Utyosov, a museum was opened. The new sight settled down in a small cozy court yard of the house No. 11 in Utyosov Lane. For the first time the idea to create it appeared more than 20 years ago, but there was no opportunity.
“Utyosov — is the soul of Odessa. There is no singer who sang so many songs about his hometown. We were waiting so long to have a place where it will be possible to show what he lived for, with whom he was on friendly terms. This is a big event”, – was noted by the chairman of Utyosovsky House Association Natalya Oleynik.
The Museum presents a rare personal things that belonged to Leonid Osipovich, as well as many archival documents and photographs. The exhibits were received mainly from the collection of inordinate admirers of Utyosov`s talent and former owner of the apartment Edward Amginskogo, who for the sake of opening specially arrived from America.


Chernomorskaya Street 6 | +38(048)731-45-97

Memorial Museum of K. G. Paustovsky was founded in 1998 through the initiative of members of public organization “Association of World Paustovsky”. Currently, the Museum has more than 1,000 exhibits and is a branch of the Odessa literary Museum. Our Museum maintains contact with veterans of the streets of the black sea, as well as with public organizations of the city.

In the Museum there are meetings of representatives of the city administration and residents, the Victory Day celebration, honoring veterans and other cultural events. Here works the jury municipal literary competition of K. G. Paustovsky and pass rewarding of winners of competition. The Museum is included in the list of newly established museums of Ukraine, and also marked on tourist maps of Ukraine and foreign countries.

The objective of the Museum is the preservation of cultural and historical heritage of our city, the development of patriotism feelings and, above all, conservation and developments of cultural relations with other regions.