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“The Museum of interesting science” is the first in the South of Ukraine entertaining and educational interactive Museum with many exhibits from the world of science, each of which can truly be called magical. Touch the lightning or create real cloud, collect a foot-bridge without a single nail and fastening, watch optical illusions and listen surprising acoustic effects – all of it you will be able to carry out only in Museum of interesting science.

The museum of interesting science aims to teach adults and children to the articles of natural cycle : to physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics and many other fields of knowledge, what is successfully assisted:

laboratory, where an electric show, show of illusions, and also our unique show of “Butyryloxy “, is regularly conducted;

planetarium where each hour there pass sessions of informative scientific movies about space

a lecture hall where we will regularly hold meetings of debating clubs, evenings with interesting people, lectures on various science subjectsart, psychology and philosophy and also scientific film screenings


Rishel’evskaya Street 4 | +38(048)722-34-36

History of the Museum has more than 10 years. And it began with people who loved this town and worked in it. Today, the exposition has been updated and expanded.

And you have the opportunity to show not only the historical characters, but also on modern heroes of music, film and animation. And begin our excursion with booth, where you have the opportunity to not only see, but also try to touch the stuff from which manufactured shape.

The Wax Museum was established in 1998 through the efforts of A. I. Pavlovskyy, Odessan businessman and patron, and it is “inhabited” by 26 animated exhibits. Due to the skill of Saint-Petersburg’s expert museum employees, the wax doubles are made to closely resemble their living alter-egos: Former city governors appear as if discussing today’s city affairs; literary men Zhukovskyy, Pushkin and Gogol are having a mute dialogue about art… Musical background creates a mysterious atmosphere and a voice not only informs “who is who”, but adds suitable sound-tracks to the exhibits: a printing machine is tapping – attention – Yevgeniy Petrov and Ilya Ilf are working on their famous books, 12 Chairs and The Golden Calfnovels, while nearby the hoarse voice of Vladimir Vysotskyy, the poet and actor, is singing.


Ekaterininskaya Street 6 | +38(067)483-76-93

In the museum it is possible to see dishes and plates from heroin, cocaine hiding places in deck boards, car doors where packs with drugs were hidden(examples of what the local customs officials confiscated)

Here you can see how has changed over the years the interests of the smugglers. If in tsarist Russia were popular such products as French perfumes, exquisite porcelain, silk, lace, spices and tea, in Soviet times, the smugglers switched to canned pineapples, foreign magazines, tights.


Dvoryanskaya Street 25 |+38(048)701-23-72

Sound Museum in Odessa-exclusive collection of historical curiosities audio equipment, audio equipment exhibition, exposition of all generations of media audio, live music club and professional sound recording studios, musicians, sound engineers and DJ school. A collection of collected Odessa soundman. Pinchuk, Chairman of Odessa regional organization of the all-Ukrainian Union of sound engineers. The exhibition presents gramophones and gramophones, old-fashioned radio and tape, vinyl, film spools, audio cassettes, CDs, posters, placards, labels for discs-with logos of many companies and factories, recording successive within a century.


Pedagoghicheskaya Street 20 | +38(048)770-63-12

In the city centre on the door of the usual hike appeared a plate with the intriguing title “Beatles Museum”. To get inside, passers-by lining up, but not all those wishing to have access to a private collection. The owner of the exposition Timur Opolinskij allows to touch the history of the legendary band only true fans of the FAB four, and it does this for free.