Between the Arcadia and the city center, parallel to French Boulevard located Shevchenko Avenue. Closer to its end, you can roll up and be in the park. Today it is called Arboretum “Victory”.
Previously, this territory was not at all like a modern avenue. Imagine, until the end of the 50s of the XX century, this area was the outskirts of the city. There were the poorest houses. According to the memoirs of old-timers, the terrain of the future park generally served as a dump. It was mottled with numerous ravines and potholes. For the foundation of the park – the area needed a complete renovation.
Back in 1960, the park was officially opened. Its foundation was timed to the 90th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin. Initially, he was named in his honor, but a few years later the park was renamed to the current name.
On the territory of the Arboretum “Victory” is an artificial rod with bridges and islets. From the side of the Tenth of April Square, an alley is planted in honor of the hero cities. It was planted by famous figures of the time, among of them were cosmonauts Bykovsky and Shonin.
Immediately after its foundation, the park became a favorite place not only for walks of Odessa citizens, but also for representatives of the cinema. The film “The Adventures of Electronics” was filmed on its territory.
At the entrance to the park is a monument to SK. Dzhivetsky. He is the creator of the upgraded submarine. Before the launch of the invention, it was exposed on Primorsky Boulevard. The residents of Odessa joked that this is most likely a steam portable brewery and everyone on the opening day will be able to taste the intoxicating drink for free, however it was completely wrong.
Returning to the park, it is impossible not to mention its reconstruction. It took place in the late 2000s.
Today, the park is still a favorite place for walking both among Odessa residents and among guests of the city. One of the main elements of the park is a fountain. It is located in the pond. In it you can also see various ducks, swans in love and even turtles. Crucian carps also swim in the pond. However, old-timers remember that there were also pikes. The park even has its own Odessa Stonehenge. Previously, it was a summer theater, which in the 90s fell into disrepair. And now Odessans are joking that this is as abandoned as the ancient monument in Great Britain.