Everyone who comes to Odessa finds an opportunity to get to the famous Deribasovskaya street. And on Deribasovskaya, in turn, is the City Garden or, as the city residents call it – Gorsad. It was popular among the inhabitants of Odessa at all times, and in the first decades of the city’s existence it was also vital.
The history of the city garden begins, practically, with an appearance of a young city – back in 1794. Then the brother of the first master of Odessa, Felix Deribas, received a building plot. After building he has two hectares left and decided to plant there trees.
For these purposes, he ordered seedlings from Sophia Park in Uman. Imagine how hard it was to bring them over 250 km by transport of that time! The road could take two or three days! However, by the first decade the garden was planted. Since it was costly for Felix Deribas to maintain the garden himself, he handed it over to the city, and at the same time presented the house next to him. Imagine how nice it was to hide in the summer under the shade of trees from the hot summer sun in the once private area! In those days, the garden looked like a small forest park, what means – was an English style landscape park.
In the late 20s of the XIX century, the quarters of the current center of Odessa gain prestige. At the same time the reconstruction of the City or State Garden, as it was then called, was carried out. At that time, many acacias grew in the City Garden, which in the course of the city’s history acquired the status of one of the unspoken symbols of Odessa. The last reconstruction of the garden was completed in 2007.
In the Odessa City Garden there are a number of monuments – Ilf and Petrov, L.O. Utesov and S.A. Utochkin. Also in the garden you can see the sculptural compositions “Lion and Lioness”, “Odessa time” and “12th chair”. In the summertime, in the evenings, a light and musical fountain operates in the City Garden. Also in the garden there is a special irrigation system, which every day, at 2 AM, produces watering of greenery. In the summer, Gorsad is full of bright colors of trees, grass and of course all kinds of flowers, also on weekends there is an orchestra playing.