In our city there are more than forty museums. However, one of them you will not find on the map of the city, although it is located in close proximity to the Primorsky Boulevard. On its territory, the exhibits can not only touch, but also stand on them. Its name is “The Corner of Old Odessa”.
The improvised museum is located under the open sky at the very beginning of the intersection of Gogol Street with Zhvanetsky Boulevard, not far from the famous Teschin Bridge. The open-air museum was founded in the 70s of the XX century. The idea of its foundation was expressed by the journalists of the newspaper “Evening Odessa”, although they planned to do something similar 50 years before its appearance.
Today, on the territory of the “Old Odessa Corner” there are objects that symbolize the first hundred years of the city’s history. Why is it written that you can stand on exhibits in our museum? This is the purest truth! If you enter the territory of the “Corner”, the legs immediately fall on the pavement, which has a very interesting story…
In the museum there is a well, which was once located in one of the Odessa courtyards. He has a very unusual structure and extremely amazing principle of work.
Here you can see a small wooden bridge. It is also called the bridge of lovers. Many couples like to be photographed on it. Here you can enjoy your time in the summer gazebo. 10 years ago there was a cafe in it, but now it is open for free entry.

There are some elements of decor here. At the very beginning there is a sculpture of a grieving maiden. It was taken from the first Christian cemetery, on the site of which the Preobrazhensky Park is now spread. Behind the bridge of lovers is the mythical creature griffin, which is designed to protect all this labor of human hands.
In 2018, the restoration of the “Corner of old Odessa” was completed.
In front of the improvised museum there is a favorite place for couples, and especially for newlyweds. This is a monument to the heart. It was assembled from castles that hung on the railing of the famous weedy bridge. Over time, there were so many of them that there was a fear of a bridge collapse. So they decided to dismantle and install as a separate art object.
Walking along the picturesque Gogol street or the visit card of Odessa – Primorsky Boulevard, for sure, you must go to this wonderful corner. After all, it`s a reminder of that Odessa, which irrevocably went down in history…