Anyone who has ever been to Odessa knows about the monument to Duke on Primorsky Boulevard. Few have heard that a memorial plaque to the duke was installed on the building not far from the famous opera theater and, probably, only Odessans know about Dyukovsky garden. It is located on the border of the famous Moldavanka and Slobodka. This is the very first park in Odessa.

When the Duke De Richelieu ruled our city and region, he ordered to plant trees in his country house, ordered by him from the Italian lands and France. It happened in 1810. The place for the park was not chosen by chance: there was a small river on the territory of modern Balkovskaya Street, before the Mid-60s of the 20th century. Before leaving, the duke bequeathed the park to Stempkovsky – his adjutant. After 12 years, the garden passed to the city.
In those days, it was practically the outskirts of Odessa. The park was going to different honest and dishonest people. Despite this, there were stairs, fountains and gazebos for a pleasant pastime on the territory of the Dukovsky Garden. During the town council of Grigori Marazli, in the park rides were arranged for children from poor areas of Moldavanka and Slobodka.
In Soviet times, the park also flourished. Fairs were organized on its territory and exhibitions of achievements of the national economy were held. The scenes of the film “Spring on Zarechnaya Street” (1954) were filmed in Dukovskiy Garden. It was one of the first films of the Odessa film studio, which it shot independently.
With the development of ice sports in Odessa and the emergence of the school of figure skating, the need for its popularization among Odessa residents has increased. For this was built ice palace “Morozka”. He was the first in the city. Special pipes were laid through which coolant for the rink was fed. There was a fountain in the park, and in the summer, in the evenings, showed a movie.
The decline of the park fell on the last decade of the XX century. Pavilions for the exhibition were partially destroyed, and partly abandoned. However, the billiard room continued to function. It has become a place to which criminal excursions will probably lead in the near future. Then they came to the billiard room, it was a pleasure to bring in time the authorities of the dashing 90s. Now, of course, near her quieter, but the spirit of those hard years still remains.
Also in the park there is a house where you can still see a ghost, and who would you think? Duke De Richelieu himself! This is exactly the house in which he lived when he came to his country cottage. However, it is abandoned.
Dyukovsky garden is a monument of landscape art. There is a pond in the park. There are projects for its improvement, however, the restoration of the park now remains the subject of future achievements.