If you walk along the Primorsky Boulevard towards the Vorontsov Palace, you can see the Greek Park below. Its opening took place on September 2, 2018. The park received its name thanks to the numerous Greek diaspora, whose place in the history of the city’s development is difficult to overestimate.
Greek Park is littered with trees, under which you can hide from the scorching summer sun. Its remoteness from the bustle of Primorskaya Street and the port, as well as from strollers on Primorsky Boulevard, allows you to have a good time and feel yourself, as if in another world.
Shortly before the celebration of the 224th anniversary of Odessa, its central element was opened in the park – the “Nachalo nachal” fountain. Its author was the famous Odessa sculptor Mikhail Reva. The creator of the fountain claims that biblical and antique scenes have become the main motives for creating the fountain. In the summer you can see how the water flows and gently washes the forms of a man and a woman.