Walking through the Shevchenko Park towards the sea, you can get to the Langeron beach. From it begins the health track. It was designed in the late 1970s of the last century. Initially, the road served as an emergency highway: in case of unforeseen situations, it was supposed to quickly get into Arcadia, passing through the city thoroughfares. The opening of the track was impossible without smoothing slopes, which was held in the late 50s – early 60s of the 20th century. For these purposes was organized mass planting of trees. And now the Health Track stretches between rows of mighty trees.
The name of the highway was not received by chance. In 2007, it was completely prohibited for vehicles moves. Now only bicycles and electric cars move along the highway. Its length is more than five and a half kilometers. You can walk along it slowly, or you can go for a run and, of course, drive, but along an equipped bicycle path. On entire length of the route there are benches, where you can relax and be distracted from the bustle of the city. Along the route there are several sports grounds where you can improve your health at any time. In combination with sea air, saturated iodine, and the green zone – the effect of the exercises is amplified many times.
Not so long ago, were announced the plans to extend the route from Arcadia to the 16th station of the “Big Fountain”. To implement them, it is proposed to create a pedestrian overpass near the 10th station of the “Big Fountain”.
Odessa Health Track is a favorite vacation spot for residents and guests of the city, especially in summer.