Behind the “Peresyp” there is the Luzanovka hydropark. It is the beginning of the youngest district of the city – Kotovsky village. By the way, until recently, in the documents, the park was called as well as the village.
It received its present name in honor of Thomas Petrovich Luzanov. He is the first of the Luzanov family. Its representatives live in Ukraine, Germany and Russia.
At the beginning of the 20th century, on the place of the future park was located the Luzanoff farm. Then this territory was a suburb of Odessa. The estate flourished when Mikhail Fomich took it under control. Imagine, even during the revolution, he had plans to arrange the territory and create a sea and estuary resort. According the plan of Mikhail Fomich, for the vacationers in the territory there should be a park. Especially for this purpose, at the end of 1918, Luzanov founded a joint stock company. According the plan, a first-class hotel and a wellness center with reading, music and conference rooms was to appear on the territory of the resort complex. Also to the resort area were laid routes of trains and small steamboats from the center of Odessa. For these purposes, the Luzanov family donated 3 million rubles, or 30 million US dollars in terms of modern money. After the arrival of the Bolsheviks, the project, of course, was stopped. In 1924, was organized the “Young Guard” children’s camp near the park. Now it is a children’s rehabilitation center with the same name.
The territory of the pre-revolutionary resort gained a second popularity after the creation of the Kotovsky village in 1965. The main reason was the proximity to the beach and the growing area. Over time, his popularity has only increased. On the beach there were houses for the summer holidays, there tourists can stay and enjoy the sea air and parkland.
In 2011, the park was reconstructed. There is a separate place for lovers of intellectual board games. For those who prefer active recreation was established a sports ground. Three years later, the central alley of the park was reconstructed.
Today the territory of the hydropark “Luzanovka” is a monument of landscape art. Here you can take leisurely walks and enjoy the sea air. Also in the park there are two sports fields where you can play beach sports – including volleyball and even rugby. The platforms are equipped with modular stands, which are easy to disassemble, if it necessary. In the summer, the park is full of tourists who leisurely stroll or rush to take shelter under the trees from the scorching zenith sun.