In the district of “Cheryomushki” there is a small but very cozy park. It is named after the writer Maxim Gorky. A part of his life was directly connected with the city.
This park is one of the youngest in Odessa. He is practically the same age as the “Cheryomushki” district. The park was opened in 1973. At that time the area was booming. There were many residential buildings in “Cheryomushki”, and the need for a cultural park increased more than ever.
It is hard to believe that at the beginning of the 20th century the place of the future “Cheryomushki” was in no way similar to its present appearance. In those days, it was the countryside. On its territory there was a shooting field, where pre-revolutionary soldiers and officers practiced in sniper art. In the mournful years of the occupation, the area received sad glory. During the “glorification” of the Romanians in Odessa, mass executions of the Jewish population took place here. In memory of those terrible years, in the parkwas erecteda monument.
In the late 50s, a new life begins at the former shooting field. Here unfolded massive housing. Fifteen years after the district was settled down, a park was established. However, the first trees were planted 12 years before its foundation.
In the early 80s a cafe appeared on the plane in the park. In the first days of its existence, Odessans began to say that there was a plane crash in the park. Imagine how unusual it was to sit in such an institution. The cafe existed for more than 10 years. In the 90s there was a fire in it and the plane was dismantled.
In the late 2000s, the park was even more transformed. It was restored. Today Park Gorkogo fully justifies the translation from Latin – an enclosure. Its territory is framed by an iron fence. Park Gorkogo – the only fenced in the city.
Today, the park is cozy in any season. It`s popular not only among residents of “Cheryomushki”, but also in the “Tairova” massif. Imagine, to get into the park, people need to drive only 15-20 minutes!
Especially the park it is interesting to children, as there are many different attractions and sports grounds. One of the most popular places in the park is the area next to the cinema, where the largest number of attractions. Probably the most important of them is children’s electric cars. There are many cafes in the park and also on its territory is a monument to Maxim Gorky.
Just imagine in a small area of the park you can count more than 6,000 trees! Walking through its territory you can see blue fir, red rowanberry, spruce oak and many others.