Near the train station there is a bus station. It is located on Starosennaya Square, and next to it there is a cozy square, where in the shade of trees you can relax and feel the coolness of the summer wind.
However, the park and the square were not always so attractive and pleased Odessa residents and guests of the city.
At the dawn of Odessa, peasants came here and sold food and livestock. Just imagine how hard it was to trade in the winter in the square, which was open to all winds! By the 80s of the first century of the city’s existence, the square became the unofficial border between the center and the district called “Sakhalinchik”. Not far from Starosennaya, there were houses in which criminals lived, waiting for exhausting hard labor on the far Far Eastern island of Sakhalin. Here lived and one of the most famous fraudsters – Sonya Zolotaya Ruchka.
In the 90s of the XIX century, two lions appeared on the square, which have survived to the present day. They were sculptured by a talented sculptor Joseph Ivanovich Mormon. Imagine when he was only 16 years old, he had already entered the Odessa Drawing School. According to legend, the young man wanted a real lion during the creation of the sculpture on the square. So it happened. They brought a lion in a cage, and the inhabitants of Odessa come to take a look at it.
72 years – from 1923 to 1995. the area and the square were named after the date of January 9th. On that day, back in 1905, a demonstration of workers in St. Petersburg was dispersed and the first revolution of 1905-1907 began.
In the early 2000s, the square and the park were in decline: an uneven pavement, and in the evenings there was no lighting. It was better not to walk on the square in the dark. The area, especially the square, attracted, like a magnet, various suspicious personalities…
In 2017, the restoration of the park and the square was completed. The territory has been completely renovated and transformed! Illumination and benches appeared in the public garden, famous lions were restored. A fountain with dolphins appeared on the square, and all of it was covered with paving slabs. Instead of kiosks, modern trade pavilions appeared.

In addition, Staroshennaya Square has the importance of a large transport hub of the city. As in the old days, here is the terminus of trams numbered 13, 26, 27 and 31. Also, from here you can reach the city center by trams number 3 or 10. Public transport from Starosennaya Square started from the end of the 19th century, only then were there steam trains that carried people to summer houses by the sea.

In the process of restoration of the square, a bus station building was erected, from which it is possible to get not only to remote corners of the Odessa region, but throughout Ukraine and in the countries of the Near Abroad. In the bus station there is a reception of the Odessa Tourist Information Center. Here tourists can get all the necessary information about the tourist infrastructure, as well as book excursions.