Behind the legendary Moldavanka is the area called “Distant Mills”. Within its borders there is the Park Savitskogo. Until recently, it was called “Lenin`s Komsomol Park”. Today the park is surrounded by highways leading to the center, but 150 years ago everything was completely different.
In those days, the territory of the future park was a wasteland. Then it was the possession of Grigoriy Efstafevich Savitsky. He was the organizer of honey making, distillation and brewing in our city. He was a technical engineer by profession. The products of the factories received honorary awards at various exhibitions in the empire.
In the late 60s of the XIX century, Grigoriy Efstafevich decided to plant an ornamental garden in his farm and called him Savitsky. On its territory there were many species of fruit trees and also gazebos for strolling. In those days, there was a pond on the territory of the future park. It can be seen on the maps of 1864, which reflect the plan of the Savitsky farm.
In pre-revolutionary Odessa, the Distant Mills area, if it was not the outskirts, then approached it. So on its territory there was a fertile environment for crimes. This is not passed and ownership Savitsky and regularly in the park there were some incident of a criminal nature.
In 1950, was taken a decision to revive the territory and the foundation of the “Lenin`s Komsomol park”. Like more than a hundred years ago, and in times not so distant, a pond was located in the park. Near it were equipped diving towers. Odessans remember how in the pond it was even possible to go boating. As in many parks, there was a summer cinema, and on weekends there were dances. Since 1984, the Savitsky garden is a monument of landscape art.
By the beginning of the XXI century, the park fell into disrepair. In the mid-2000s, sculptures of the Soviet era were erected on its territory and the monument to V.I. Lenin from “Kulikovo field”. During the policy of decommunization, carried out since 2014, all the sculptures were removed, and the monument was dismantled. Also there were pond drainage projects. In one part, the idea was practically succeeded in bringing to life, however, on the site of the pond, a small swamp appears sometimes.