In the central part of the city is the most famous market in our city – of course, this is the legendary Odessa Privoz! However, it is not about him now. Preobrazhensky Park located just near Privoz. It is located on the border of the legendary Moldavanka, the historic center of the city and Sakhalinchik district. It was organized in 1933 on the site of the First Christian Cemetery.
In the old cemetery, prominent residents of pre-revolutionary Odessa were buried. Among them: architect F.K. Bofo, Felix de Ribas, Vera Holodnaya and many, many others. After the revolution, the cemetery gradually began to decay. The graves remained abandoned until 1931, when the official decree was issued: demolition of the cemetery and organize in its place the park of the Illichevsky district.
A number of sculptures were installed. Near the stadium, closer to Mechnikova Street, a sculpture of a female pilot appeared, as the woman at the controls of the aircraft was then considered a very honorable profession. After the war, with the restoration of the city, they began to revive the park. Already in 1950, there were shows of young technicians on its territory. Later in the park there is a shooting gallery. In the summer, Czechoslovak Luna Park came to its territory.
In 1995, the park was renamed Preobrazhensky. In 1998, its territory became a memorial. This provision prohibits the construction work, in addition to installations of sculptures or refining.
In 2014, the park begins a new life. A plan was adopted for its reconstruction. A lot has been done in four years. The wide paths of the park are overlaid with tiles. The entrance has been restored. A memorial museum and an exhibition of sculptures should appear. A computer information complex should also be created. Despite the incompleteness of the park, it is still nice to walk in any weather.