PRYVOKZALNA SQUARE (the Railway Station Square)

The development of this district in Odessa is strongly connected with the rail links. The bid and monumental building of Railway station made an essemble of the district much more solid and noble. The building was erected on the contest project of the St. Petersburg architect Schroeter under the supervision of Odessa architect Bernardazzi from 1879 to 1883. The station took a large part of the huge Kulikovo field and cut it into three areas: Kulikovo field in its present size, adjacent to Sennaya Square and formed somewhat later Privokzalnaya square. Privokzalnaya (the Railway Station Square was transformed after the construction on it in 1894-1895 respectable building judicial institutions (now the Office of the Odessa railway) by the architect Tolvinskiy, and later, in 1899, the same architect built the district council building (now the Odessa branch of OdZhD) on the other side of the station, on the site of the old prison. The center of the square is very beautiful because of the big fountain in the middle of it.

STAROSINNA SQUARE with the tram’s ring – is one of an oldest at the city. Years ago farmers are trading “from the wheels” their products and livestock. Also on the square located the only surviving legacy of the Neapolitan sculptor Joseph Mormon – the composition of the two lions, opening a passage through the park. According to legend, the sculptor ordered, that while he works on the stone statues, on the square should  stood a cage with a real lion, which served as a model to create copies of the stone. And there were a hudge amount of people during this process, which came to look at the work of Italian architect.