Soborna (Cathedral) square – is one of the most famous and the most beautiful squares in the city, “Soborka” as the citizens of Odessa name this place, has become a cultural and religious center of the city.
Sobornaya square is located in the central part of the city at the intersection of Preobrazhenska, Sadova and and Deribasivska streets. At the time of foundation of Odessa “Soborka” has been the central square of the city, and there were constantly held various festivals, both urban and church.
In the heart of the square located the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, built in 1795. The square was named by this church, which developed rapidly same as the city, and soon grew from the small church to one of the largest cathedrals in Russia and the main temple of Novorossia. This cathedral considered the main church from the beginning of XX century. Cathedral could accommodate 12 thousand people.
However, in 1936 the building of the cathedral was completely destroyed and in its place were put the flower beds and a fountain. Restoration of the cathedral began many years later, in 1999, and at the moment it is completely restored.
In the northern part of the square located a monument to Count Vorontsov. Monument was opened in November 8, 1863. The authors of the monument: Munich sculptor F. Brugger and Odessa architect F. Boffo.
Today the Soborna square has become a haven not only for believers, but also for people in the arts, here is the so-called “special stock markets arts”, where anyone can purchase a painting or a hand-made souvenirs.