Starobazarnaya square, where the noisy market located hundreds years before, was created long before the well-known Privoz occurred in Odessa. But now we can’t see more from it’s previous architectural assemble – except the high tower with the clock.

“Stariy bazaar” (an Old Market) – it’s common, but not very correct name of thismarket, because the first one on Odessa located on Grecheskaya square. Odessa mayors in order to increase the number of trading places in this square, determined to create a new shopping arcade, announced a competition to develop the project, which was won by George Torricelli. That is how on the map of Odessa, then still young but already beautiful city, occured a grand bazaar with the central building, whose facade was decorated with beautiful Doric columns on the perimeter. From the inside the mall to abut two-story buildings, combining a big building in a single architectural ensemble. Although the appearance of the area has changed significantly, fragments of columns are preserved, giving an idea about initial appearance beautiful building to the modern inhabitants of Odessa.

Odessa developed very fast, and the enlargement of the city became quicker after the creation of Porto-Franco zone. An Old Market was not able to host all the sellers, and the leading role in economic of South capital started to play the new market – Privoz. It’s located at the city border, and can enlarge without any limitations. But Starobazarnaya  square worked as a market till the beginning of Revolution.

Detrimental to the old square with amazing architectural ensemble was the period of War Communism, when all private shops and stores have been eliminated, and the new has never emerged.

Starobazarnaya square not only lost it’s function, but even changed the name and became Kirovskiy park. Buildings, standing on the perimeter of the area, turned into living quarters, dividing them into communal apartments. Clock Tower still has dominated under the architectural ensemble of Starobazarnaya square, but clock stopped, preserved as a monument to the past prosperity.

The masterpiece made by Torichelli stool on the square right till the beginning of 1950-th years. Soviet authorities which does not care about the architectural history, decided just destroy the tower instead of restoration.  In the middle of the square was made a little park. There was a plan to put the monument to Kirov in the middle of it, but it does not happened.

Now at the center of Starobazarniy park stood the monument to Chieftain Golovatiy, which was the commander of Cossacs. This monument was erected on September 2, 1999, when the South Palmira celebrated the city’s day. Bronze monument of Chieftain and his hors  was made by sculptor Tokariev.

Ensemble of Starobazarnaya square with the park changes now as well because of the new houses which were built around it. Also there was opened a well-room and attractions for kids; flower shop and the restaurant; a little football field and so on.