Teatralna – it’s the in front of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre and it is one of the most beautiful and remarkable areas of the city. A popular place for folk festivals, celebrations, meetings and rallies, as well as a place where happened best known and most popular stories and scandals. The citizens of Odessa which are interested in the history of the city, remember the year 1995 in when was made a sensational discovery – “a history of the city, yet, start here …” meaning that there was found a place of the first house in Odessa – house of Prince Grigory Semenovich Volkonsky. The house once occupied the entire block of the present Richelievskaya street – between Lanzheronovskaya and Deribasovskaya. In the remains of buildings found: the Catherine penny, put up double-headed eagle, rusted dagger and pieces of crystal glasses, trays and bottles with a cork. These artifacts included in the exhibition of Odessa historical museum, which tells of the founding of Odessa August 22, 1794. In the same excavation were found the remains of the grand staircase of the Lanzheronovskiy palace made of expensive Mediterranean marble. Also revealed ancient layers hid luxuries belonging to the ancient period in the history of the city. Thus, this is the place of Old Odessa more than once may surprise its people, and tell them the true story of the city’s founding.