Devolanovskyi descent (previous name – Vakulenchuka descent) located in an old part of the city. It passes parallel to the Polskyi descent from Yevreiska street and has it’s end on Tamozhenna square.
This descent has changed the name three times: Levashovskiy (on behalf of Vladimir Levashov, the Count, Major-General and mayor of Odessa in 1876-1878; Vakulenchuka (on behalf of Grigoriy Vakulenchuk, noncommissioned officer and bolshevik which was one of the leaders of revolt happened on battleship “Potemkin”), and since 1995 became Devolanovskiy, on behalf of Count De Volane, one of the first architects of Odessa. De Volane has built Odessa together with De Ribas, but it’s hard to imagine more contrast between the streets named by their honor…
Devolanovskyi descent is totally destroyed now and it is in quite poor condition – a building destroyed by time and vandals, the area in the heart of old Odessa is idle and not used in any way.