Lanzheronovskyi descent (previously Lastochkina descent) located in a central part of the city and goes from Lanzheronovska street to Primorska street, almost till the entrance to the Trading Sea Port.
Stairs and retaining walls were built in the middle of XIX century by the architects Krug and Dellaqua.
House #1 on the left (Zherbolini house) was built in 1841 by the architect Boffo.
House #2on the right was built in 1850 by the architect Krug. Till the October revolution it used as the warehouses and rooming shelter. That is why famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky spent the nights there, when he worked as a loader in Odessa sea port. Alexander Grin has the same destiny a little bit later.
Now in this house located the Odessa Trading Sea Port museum and Navigators Mission (international public organization supervised by Queen Elizabeth to help mariners in distress).