Polska street, which proceeds like Polskyi descent – is one of the oldest streets in Odessa. It starts from Yevreiska street and ends at Tamozhenna square.
In Soviet years Polska street has the name of Italian revolutionary Garibaldi, who was in South Palmira for a few times. In the middle of XIX century Polskyi descent named as Tamozhennyi and Portovyi. After the October revolution this descent received the name of Odessa citizen, Chief of Staff of the Red Guard, Moses Kangun, which was fatally wounded during the January uprising. It’s current name this street received because of the fact that in the first half of XIX century there functioned a lot of barns Polish gentry. They stored the grain for onward transportation to the Mediterranean countries.
Tamozhenna square, where Polskyi descent “falls”, in different times called Karantynna, Portova, Devolanovska; and in Soviet times it was the Vakulenchuk square. The main gates of the Sea Port are located here.