STAIRS OF DEAD. ODESSA. History of the first female maniac in Odessa

Stairs of Dead connects Deribasivska and Polsky descent. If you’ll go some meters straight – you will see the Sea Port gates. Till the nowadays this place spreads the cold; it feels much stronger at night, when eeriness chills from the shadows, crawling on the walls of surrounding houses…
In the middle of XIX there were a lot of cases of complete disappearance of men, mostly guest sailors. A long years of investigations gave no results at all. But once investigators got the luck. At the same time citizens fell into the infinite horror and consternation.
One woman once bought the meat pie on Pryvoz. Seller was very cute and polite elderly woman. When the buyer nibbled the piece of homemade baking, she found the phalanx inside, mixed with the filling!!! Sure that she immediately fell into a terrible tantrum and panic! Police was called in a moment, and the seller was arrested. During the questioning investigators found out that this woman works in one of the houses located on the “White sheets” street (that’s how the “Red lights” district called in Odessa). She killed her clients, and to hide the traces of the crime, makes the pies with the filling made of human meat. Her name was Rosa. She was very cruel, but rather fool woman, and became first female maniac in Odessa. She sold out her pies personally. Probably, if she entrusted this business to someone else, she would be never caught. She told, that if the heard something suspicious of something put her on guard, she threw the client’s body from her window, and he felt on the lawn (the windows of her room looked out on the dark area between the house and described stairs). Then she got down and buried him there. After investigators came to this place, they found more than 20 men’s bodies.
Rosa could not explain the motto of her acts. Nevertheless, she was recognized as the sane, and was hung.