Viiskovyi descent has changer a lot of names during it’s history. The reason is very simple. It was the start of the main transport artery of the city, which connected it with the Prakticheskaya (Voennaya) harbor. Road lied on the thalweg of Voennaya beam, crossed the Deribasovskaya street, Greek market, than passed through the Alexandrovskiy avenue till the Free market and ended on Privoznaya square. Thereby it was on very long street, named Alexandrovskaya, Gavannaya and Starobazarnaya at the same time.
This main line disintegrated into fragments with the time: descent, avenue, street and three squares. In it’s turn, descent first named simply as Voennaya beam (military), then Portoviy (port), Voenniy (military), Gavanskiy (harbor), Sabaneevskiy, Sabanskiy, Voenniy Gavanskiy (military harbor), Vorontsovskiy, Kazenniy (official) descent and also Portovaya (port) street.
Voennaya beam ended near the Greek market, and there were throuwm stone bridges under it: Sabaneev (1828-1836). So called Deribasovskiy or Gimnazicheskiy (1811-1812) and another one, which has no name – on the crossroads of current Lanzheronovskaya and Gavannaya streets (1810). With the time the upper reaches of the ravine were backfilled with the two last mentioned bridges, and this district became the modern Gavanna street.